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Top 10 Tips For Lift Maintenance | Notes on Repair | Elevator Contracts – Modayan Elevators

Elevators are probably one of the most expensive single pieces of equipment that a building owner can have. Periodic maintenance and inspections are very important to keep them running safely and reliably for a long time. We provide quality maintenance services for elevators, escalators and travolators. We lead the field with most reliable service in...
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Moving Walks & Moving Walkways

  A Moving Walks or moving walkways are called as a travelator or travolator in British English. It is a slow-moving walkway or conveyor that moves the people across the inclined or horizontal plane to medium to a short distance.  You can walk on Moving walkways or sideways or just stand on it; it will...
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Best escalators with Modayan Elevators Group

Best escalators with Modayan Elevators An Escalator is transportation equipment, and it is a vertical device that is designed to move the staircase mechanically. The escalator is a conveyor that carries people from one floor to another in a big mall or building. It contains a chain run by a motor, and the chain is...
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