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Domestic Elevators
Domestic Elevators
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  1. Dumbwaiters-c
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  1. Escalators-c
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Goods Hoist
Goods Hoist
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Moving Walks
Moving Walks
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Passenger Elevators
Passenger Elevators
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Platform Lifts
Platform Lifts
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Stair Lifts
Stair Lifts
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Wheelchair Lifts
Wheelchair Lifts
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Maintenance Lifts
Maintenance Lifts
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Our Partners

Sharp Elevators combines the marketing, focusing on researching, being better and better.


Sharp elevators can bring the best experience and service to the customer. We put customers’ satisfaction at the first place .

AXEL was founded in 1989 by partners from several European countries with the simple idea of providing customers with a flexible lift solution.

AXEL was founded in 1989 Headquartered in Milan (Italy), the company is organised in three units project management, lift and controller manufacturing, thus ensuring flexibility and fast response .

Eltec Elevator

Eltec is a company specialized in the field of homelifts and elevators to overcome architectural features that deny access to the handicapped. Its aim is to raise the level of technological innovation, comfort and aesthetic quality of its systems, minimizing the encumbrance, the time of installation and the need of maintenance .

was one of major elevator manufacturers in Italy, based in Bologna and existed from the early 1920s until the mid 1980s.


Sabiem was one of major elevator manufacturers in Italy, based in Bologna Established 1980s.

Our Service Installations

Whether your building is in the residential, office, or public access segment, Modayan Elevators can assist you. We offer solutions that help to create greater convenience and safety for occupants; for owners, that can improve building usage and enhance building value. Modayan Elevators will cooperate closely with you from the earliest planning stages of your project, helping you determine the best means of ensuring the smooth flow of people and goods throughout your buildings.


As safety and quality are our number one priorities, all new installations carried out by Modayan Elevators includes a free of charge maintenance period. Once this period has lapsed, it is the option of the client to establish a service contract with Modayan Elevators. This is an option we highly recommend, as it ensures the unit installed is inspected regularly in accordance with the governing laws and will ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment at all times. Modayan Elevators follows the principle of preventative maintenance, actively informing elevator owners and
building managers about upcoming maintenance or modernization requirements, so as to prevent system downtimes. This will in effect maximize the availability and security of your elevators.

Our maintenance service is also available for those interested in establishing a service contract for a unit not installed by Modayan Elevators. Whether a user has not yet entered into a service contract with an elevator company or is simply dissatisfied with the current maintenance service, Modayan Elevators will arrange an inspection of the unit and will then provide the necessary contract to suit the user’s needs.

Complete lift modernizations include everything from supply, installation and the final commissioning. In addition, once commissioned, a comprehensive maintenance service can be undertaken which will include safety inspections, scheduled monthly maintenance and a 24 hour emergency call-back service.We proudly welcome you to our modernization & aftersale service department for free modernizations assessments and quotations.