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Modayan Elevators
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With over 37 years of experience in installing elevators and escalators in Kuwait

Modayan elevators are well-known for their high quality and are quite secure and are affordable to suit all uses. Modayan elevators have been expanded nationwide using a manufacturing system such as Sabim, Axel, Italian-made, and Chinese Sharp elevators. In order to provide a wide range of comprehensive products, while Modayan Elevator undertakes to commit to the value without sacrificing the standard quality, since 1980 the company has installed more than 3000+ elevators fully for the governmental and commercial buildings in the State of Kuwait in both private and governmental field. Modayan Elevator is one of the few approved companies in Kuwait by the General Directorate of Firefighting for installing all types of elevators and escalators. We promise that we will provide a wide range of solutions to satisfy all your requirements and we will do our utmost to obtain the trust of our clients .

Why would you choose “New elevator or escalator installation services from Modayan Elevators”?

Fast, efficient and environmentally friendly elevators; all prices suitable for any commercial, residential or industrial budget .

  • Experience of more than 37 years in the field of elevators and escalators “We have been working since 1980” “Trust” .
  • An integrated team of engineers and technicians for the maintenance of most types of elevators and escalators “means quality and safety” .
  • Accreditation of all government ministries and most of the engineering offices of Modayan Elevator company for Elevators always makes you feel safe about “quality, safety”.
  • Approved by the General Directorate of Firefighting, “So be always reassured when you are with us.”
  • We serve more than 3500 happy client with us .
  • The company has implemented many projects, more than 100 projects between “government projects – investment projects – compounds, villas and investment buildings” .
  • Comprehensive maintenance packages .

Our products Modayan elevators

Domestic Elevators
Domestic Elevators
  1. Domestic-Elevators-c
  2. Domestic-Elevators-c-o
  1. Dumbwaiters-c
  2. Dumbwaiters-c-o
  1. Escalators-c
  2. Escalators-c-o
Goods Hoist
Goods Hoist
  1. Goods-Hoist-c
  2. Goods-Hoist-c-o
Moving Walks
Moving Walks
  1. Mooving-Walks-c
  2. Mooving-Walks-c-o
Passenger Elevators
Passenger Elevators
  1. Passenger-Elevators-c
  2. Passenger-Elevators-c-o
Platform Lifts
Platform Lifts
  1. Platform-lifts-c
  2. Platform-lifts-c-o
Stair Lifts
Stair Lifts
  1. Stairlifts-c
  2. Stairlifts-c-o
Wheelchair Lifts
Wheelchair Lifts
  1. Wheelchair-lifts-c
  2. Wheelchair-lifts-c-o
Maintenance Lifts
Maintenance Lifts
  1. مصاعد-للتنظيف-والصيانة-Maintenance-Lifts-الكويت
  2. Maintenance-Lifts2

Some of the advantages offered to clients:

  • We’ll help you determine the best way to ensure smooth transportation for persons and goods within the building .
  • We have design and layout experts and offer advice from engineers and professionals .
  •  Modayan Elevator elevators provide a bail for 10 years .
  • Maintenance and emergency service 24/7 .
  • Modayan Elevator elevators have original spare parts .
  • After sales customer service .

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