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Best escalators with Modayan Elevators Group

Best escalators with Modayan Elevators

An Escalator is transportation equipment, and it is a vertical device that is designed to move the staircase mechanically. The escalator is a conveyor that carries people from one floor to another in a big mall or building. It contains a chain run by a motor, and the chain is connected individually to each step. It provides the protection on one side by a pair of trails that keep them to stay horizontal.

Escalators are used all over the world, and these are the best option for the places where elevators are impractical to use. The main area of usage of Escalators includes shopping malls, department stores, transit systems, airport, hotels, convention centers, public buildings, and stadium arenas.

Earlier, escalators were called as traveling staircase, magic stairway, and inclined elevator, etc.  In 1900, the modern escalator developer Charles Seeger changed the name into an escalator, and it became permanent from then. The Escalator is the amalgamation of Elevator and Scala, which means steps in Latin. It is one of the expensive and largest machines that people use one a daily basis in several countries.

The basic level escalator is nothing but a conveyer belt with a simple variation.  The design of the escalator is simple; a pair of rotating loop chains pulls an array of stairs in a cycle, moving a group of people to the short distance at a limited speed. The escalator has become an essential equipment of the developed countries.  However, passenger elevators are in use since 1870, and in 1899 the escalators took an integral part, and it was introduced to the world as a first commercial moving stairs by Otis Elevator Company, which has become successful instantly.


Types of escalators


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Step type escalator:

It is the standard type of escalator that you find everywhere around the world. The steps are made of metal, but earlier, the steps of the escalators were wooden steps.  The step type escalators can also go flat, up/down.  The escalator steps are escalated on pivoted circles, and the track emerges next to the steps, which is visible from above the steps. The step type escalator considered as the safest design.

Wheelchair accessible escalator:

If some individual in a wheelchair needs to utilize the escalator, then you can stop the escalator.  For wheelchair users, the escalator can be put in a special mode. It is completely safe to use as the escalator protects the wheelchair from rolling, and it will start slowly.  The wheelchair accessible escalators have attendants for safety reasons.


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