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Learn the most important advantages of dumbwaiter Modayan Company Elevators

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Modayan Company Elevators Dumbwaiter

A dumbwaiter is a small lift designed to carry things/objects, but it does not move people. These are also called small freight elevators. Dumbwaiters are placed inside the structures, including residential, commercial, private, and public buildings connected between floors.  The lifts, when installing in schools, restaurants, hospitals, private homes, or in retirement home ends in a kitchen.


A dumbwaiter is a frame in a shaft that can move easily by the pulley fixed on rails to move the dumbwaiter. Most of these dumbwaiters contain a cart or a shaft that has the smaller capacity than the passenger elevators. The capacity of dumbwaiters will be between 45kg to 450kg. Before electric motors introduced in the early 1920s, but before that, the dumbwaiters were moved manually using ropes on pulleys.

In the early 20th century, the dumbwaiters designed with fireproof walls, and self-closing fireproof doors and several other features like buttons to manage the movement of the dumbwaiters between the floors and they used locks on doors so that the door does not get open unless the cart is stopped completely at the floor.

Most of these advanced dumbwaiters designed with external fixtures, including floor position indicator, floor destination buttons, and also some of them come with a built-in interphone or regular telephone. When the individual using the dumbwaiter, he or she must open the door to load the goods, and close them again before operating the dumbwaiter. Once the doors are closed, you can push the floor buttons so that the dumbwaiter will reach the floor that you want to send.  The interphone can help you call the other person living in different floor.

Type of dumbwaiter:

Dumbwaiter has two landing types, one is floor type, and the other one is window type.

Floor type:

The floor type freight elevator or dumbwaiter is installed on the horizontal (same) level with the floor of the duct to place the things that can be carried on hand carts.  These horizontally installed dumbwaiters are normally found in libraries, hotels, or corridors.  These floor type dumbwaiters are generally used to move large things like tables.



Window type:

The window type dumbwaiter or freight elevator is installed at some height, let’s say the height of a person’s waist. It helps the users to place the things conveniently in the cart. This window type dumbwaiter is generally found in offices, libraries, restaurants, and kitchens.  These types of dumbwaiters are commonly used to carry documents, books, food and beverages, cooking utensils, and other goods.

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