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Best platform lift wheelchair form Modayan Elevators company


The platform lifts are designed to provide convenient access to the individuals who are unable to climb the stairs. The platform lifts are available with different features to match every application and requirement of the individual. You can find low pit lifts that are perfect for schools, and the Midi lift is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. The manufacturers of the Platform Lift will obey the Equality Act, Part M, and they provide the products only if it meets the current standards of the industry for manufacture and installation.

The Platform Lifts are designed to provide easy and affordable access to people so that they don’t need to confine to stay only at one place in the house. The platform lifts serve between two or more floor levels, and they come with the enclosed shaft or a cart and contain soft and smooth internal walls. It comes in an L-shape that enables you to move up and down along with wheelchair and people.

The shaft of the platform lift is made with smooth walls or solid or made of both.  MC2000 is the most popular platform lift. The advantages of the MC2000 Platform Lift include:

  • Appropriate for any individual who cannot climb the stairs.
  • Comparatively, low cost compared to Normal lift.
  • No need for lifting bean or machine room.
  • It does not occupy a lot of building space.
  • Quiet, reliable, economical to install and absolutely safe to use.




If you want to buy a platform lift, then finding the right equipment is one of the vital factors to be considered, especially when you want to move from one floor to another without anybody’s help.  These lifts have the capacity to carry a wheelchair and allow you to move from the ground floor to upper floor.

The vertical platform lift is the most simple and affordable lift, and it can be installed next to the flight of steps, which helps passenger to move from one level to another. The low-mount vertical platform lifts allow you to move up to one meter and it can be installed externally or internally and provides capacity for wheelchair and attendant. The vertical platform lifts travel in a vertical direction.

You can also find inclined platform lifts that are used outdoor and indoor environments in both commercial and domestic areas. The inclined stair lift contains that carries wheelchair from the ground floor to top floor.

Also, you can find enclosed vertical platform lift. Basically, every lift is an enclosed lift and people move up and down in the enclosed shaft. But, platform lifts do not provide the same capacity, travel height or speed, etc., of traditional commercial lifts.  The platform lifts are perfect for smaller commercial building or residential purpose.


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